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Jessica Cole



As with any good project, this content is ever-evolving and exists in dialogue with a much broader body of work from across the community.

Please reach out to continue the conversation. This project was created through a Fellowship with the Aspen Institute’s Tech Policy Hub. I owe a particular thank you to the Hub as well as to the following for their support of this work, framing discussions, and/or creation of the groundwork for this project through their own careers:

  • Aspen Tech Policy Hub leaders and staff: Betsy Cooper, David Albán Hidalgo, Mai Sistla, Ryan Olson, Madeline Libbey
  • Project team: Nidhi Hebbar, Raylene Yung
  • Every one of the “fellow fellows”
  • Field collaborators, researchers, and interviewees: Dave Guarino, Rohan Pavuluri, Kaela Gallo, Nicole Tisdale, Ginny Fahs, Marc Hebert, Krista Canellakis, Mai-Ling Garcia, Joseph Breen, Ethan Bindernagel, Jennifer Pahlka, Cyd Harrell, Alice Armitage, Kathleen Russell, Kristen Berman, Lou Downe, Jill Habig, Pamela Herd and Donald Moynihan, Fran Robustelli, and SaraT Mayer
  • Community contributors: #ATJ, Legal Hackers, Civic Tech builders, public servants, Legal Service Designers, et al.